Sadaat Enterprises is a trading company mainly involved in the business of coding and marking solutions for industrial concerns.Sadaat Enterprises also supplies high quality labelers for different applications.
Sadaat Enterprises is also promoting Processing & Packaging machinery for different industries.
Sadaat Enterprises provide both type of systems viz. contact coding and non contact coding. These systems are used for printing of Manufacturing, Expiry dates, Batch Number, Price etc on paper (coated or un-coated), PE/PP/PET materials, aluminum foil, wood, metal tin sheet etc. These systems are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, timber and chemical industries etc.

Sadaat Enterprises is having foreign collaborations with foreign companies and the systems are being imported from China and Europe.
Sadaat Enterprises provide complete solution with machine, spare parts and after sale service.
Sadaat Enterprises has a team of technical professionals who install the systems and provide back-up support both on-site and in its lab.


Seat geek is available for free as a universal app in the linked over here ios app store.